Designed for Small-Mid size business owners, Solo-Entrepreneurs and Executive Leaders Ready To Bet On Themselves. It’s time to Show Up, Recover & Lead!

About Bet On Yourself

Like many of you, I’ve felt the pressure of these challenging times. After weeks of which way to turn and where should I focus based on the ever changing information and demands, I felt a stirring inside, a calling if you will, to say ENOUGH! I stopped everything, went inward and spent time recalibrating back to my Power Zone. In doing so, I found three ESSENTIAL lessons. I quickly implemented the lessons then reached out to my clients to deliver the message and together we are elevating our life and business outcomes – for this and beyond!

We may need to consider our current environment BUT we do not have to let this LIMIT our power or ability to create the futures we deserve! Instead, I believe in these three lessons…

It’s time to Show Up!

It’s time to RECOVER!

It’s time to LEAD!

As leaders, we can carve out our MAGNIFICENT futures and prepare NOW to step up and serve in this new era by…

Claiming our leadership voice,
Practicing self-honor, and
Strengthening the qualities of confidence!

My goal in hosting this custom virtual seminar series created especially for LEADERS in entrepreneurial, small business or executive roles, is that those who feel the calling to rise above the noise, will be infused with empowerment, knowledge, and real-time action steps to elevate trusting in the one sure thing you can count onBetting On Yourself!

Check out the details below to discover more. I hope these evolved topics will inspire you to join me!


Time to Show Up

Leadership VOICES are changing
in the digital era!

We will discuss

  1. Identifying the WHY of your leadership voice so you can stand out in-person or digitally.
  2. Building relationships that inspire helping you to move the vision forward versus pushing, selling or demanding.
  3. The untapped power right before your eyes to improve performance, well-being and profits – even digitally!

Replay Ready!

Time to Recover

Practicing a Self-Honoring Approach!

We will discuss

  1. Why your daily measurement of success may not be creating the balance you crave in life and work.
  2. Four key decisions you must consider to lead from your “best value” in order to accelerate your vision taking form.
  3. Why self-care is NOT a luxury and absolutely necessary to lead courageously in these times, and how to make it possible everyday!

Replay Ready!

Time to Lead

Leveraging Leadership Qualities!

We will discuss

  1. The Mask of Confidence, what it’s made of and why you want to throw yours away.
  2. The Top 10 Qualities of Confidence Leaders must possess to THRIVE in the new era.
  3. Why your leadership qualities could be secretly “working for or against” you and how to transition their power for greater results.

Seminar 3: June 10Th

**A MUST READ!!** The higher expression of leadership is being called for from every corner of this globe! There is an enhancement taking place amid the breaking down of humanity. This enhancement is about to change the very fabric in society exposing the “mask of confidence” worn by many so called respected leaders.

To become the expression of what’s needed in today’s leaders to heal society and advance our potential, we MUST consider which layer of the SEVEN FACES – we hold tight to. Get an advance peek for Seminar 3!

Read the full article here >>

About the host

René Johnson is the author of Leaving Your Comfort Zone, and founder and CEO of Power Zone Coaching, a strategic leadership company developed from over 20 years’ experience of empowering leaders and turning struggling or stuck businesses into the vehicle necessary to achieve their profit and legacy goals. By embracing her proven leadership strategies, clients not only meet their business targets, but they also improve their quality of life and make a greater difference in the world through their influence.

René is a dynamic speaker and international education provider who can inspire audiences with her energy, insight, and expertise to become positive and power-filled change agents. René Johnson is a role model for claiming one’s Power Zone and is passionate to serve other leaders to find and embrace theirs. 

Check Out The Intro Video! 

Pricing &  Registration

Take advantage of one or ALL!


All seminars include learning guides and recording access. Take advantage of these high value, real-time strategic actions and examples for leaders ready to bet on themselves at a higher level!

*Delivered via email upon completion of each individual live seminar.


Recap, Seminar 1

Time to Show Up — Was a success!! Hear what others are saying as they were infused with empowerment, knowledge, and real-time actions steps to elevate trusting in the one sure thing you can count on—Betting On Yourself! *See above to get access to this timely and valuable seminar.

Recap, Seminar 2

It’s Time to Recover! These times call for shifting how you’ll interact with the world around you. You can choose to resign to be a passenger in your life or you can get in the driver’s seat with your hands firmly on the wheel. In essence, you can drive or be driven. Which will you choose? *See above to get access to this timely and valuable seminar.

Stay Up To date

During the course of the seminars I will be providing additional tips and resources you may want to consider taking advantage of. Be sure to follow me on your favorite social media platform!

How long are the seminars?
Each one is 60 minutes, with an estimate of 50 minutes of strategic content followed by an interactive 10 minutes of Q & A.

What do the seminars include?
Each seminar is strategically focused on the given topic and comes with a light PDF learning guide emailed in advance. Following the seminar you will also receive an email with a link to access the full seminar recording.

How do I get access to join the seminar?
Join via phone or online! You will join via Zoom audio only, with the option to view the host via video during the presentation portion, and chat or audio will be used for any questions. We will send you an email in advance with the Zoom login instructions, link and meeting password to keep our meeting secure, along with the PDF learning guide. Please register no later than 1 hour prior to the seminar starting to ensure receive access. Please whitelist admin @ powerzonecoach .com to ensure you receive.

What happens if I purchased, but can’t make the seminar?
You will be given access to the purchased seminar recording and learning guide and be able to take part in all the information. As a result, there is no refund provided.

I only purchased one of them but now I want access to all three. Or I missed the seminar series but now I’d like access. How can I do this?
You can purchase individually ANY seminar you want access to. If the event has already taken place, you will receive the recording and the learning guide. We will keep the event page up for a limited time following the seminars to support purchasing any additional ones you would like.


*Please note all seminars and supporting recordings and resources are considered copyrighted material and are intended for personal use only, and not for resale or repurpose.

What Clients Are Saying

“René gave the presentation, Leaving Your Comfort Zone, to about 200 businesswomen as part of the event, American Express Women in Business Conference, sponsored by our firm. Everyone was raving about the presentation afterward. As a professional woman and a mother, I am always looking for ways to be more effective in both of my “jobs.” 

Tanya Noreen Lewis, Richard Brandt Miller Nelson

“René has been an incredible coach helping me clearly define my vision for my business and partnering with me to take charge in creating balance in my life.” 

Kandace Meyer, Owner
American Family Insurance

“It is rare you come across someone who has the ability to inspire, motivate, and change your life… an outstanding coach encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone, where I’ve discovered my Leadership Why and making a greater impact!”

Amanda Johnson
CFO at APL Credit Union

“Her practical approach to search a Power Zone for business executive is very much hands on, because she would not only help you search your WHY, but also, how you convert your WHY to be your potent tool throughout life.”

Raakesh Rana
Growth Strategist and Author


Want to host your own group or company event?

René Johnson is highly skilled at delivering virtual events that empower whether it be a small group or an organization.  She can provide a keynote, presentation or workshop, or with over 20 years success turning audiences into change factors, customize one for you. Simply click on the link to explore more!

*Following the current limitations René is happy to serve onsite or at a location of your choosing.

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