Transformational Book

Leaving your comfort zone

by René Johnson

Become a leader in your life

If you know where you are going and can communicate that confidently, clearly and passionately, there’s no limit to, how far you can go or how far people will follow you.”

​From Leaving Your Comfort Zone
René Johnson

Leaving Your Comfort  Zone  has been a life-changing, transformational book in the lives of many US women as well as international clients. Though written for professional women, men have enjoyed reading and share being powerfully impacted by the  6 Power Zone Principles™  included. Also, this has become a powerful tool for René Johnson’s clients with several businesses investing in the entire team to read and leave their comfort zones! 

In this book, the author René Johnson shares her passion for helping professional women lead their lives from their Power Zones. The Power Zone is where transformation happens, courage is found, inspiration is fired up, passion and confidence combine and taking risks to grow and fulfilling your dreams looks achievable. René strongly feels that when women explore the boundaries of their comfort zone, they can become an empowered leader in all areas of their life, creating a ripple effect to all they influence. As a result, their lives, businesses, and communities they serve are all enriched. Empowered leaders at all levels are much needed in our society and the world today. With her message, René wants to positively challenge women (and men inspired by the message) to step up and find their “inner” leaders and breakthrough to their Power Zones.

This book continues to change lives for the better as it’s not like other books that will inspire you yet leaving you thinking – now what! Instead, it’s created as a guide with René gently and passionately coaching the reader through the 6 Power Zone Principles™, while sharing her personal story and client examples, with detailed step-by-step instructions to turn inspiration into powerful action. 

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Self-Guided Journey


Take charge by becoming a "driver" rather than a "passenger" in your life


Break excuses and elimate negative thoughts and behaviors that keep you stuck at your current level


Keep your larger goals in sight and fulfill them, despite other daily demands


Avoid looking back on your life and saying, " I could have...," "I should have...," or I wish I would have..."


Stop second-guessing yourself and rely on your confidence in any situation


Quit piecing yourself out to everyone else's wants and needs and start living as a newly empowered leader in ALL areas of your life

what They’re Saying

Reader Testimonials

“As soon as I started reading “Leaving Your Comfort Zone” I realized there were some things in my life that I needed to rethink. The process of acknowledging these items and moving towards overcoming them has been freeing. René has really focused on the elements that affect today’s professional women. If you are ready to overcome the disbelief’s in your life, pick up a copy today and be prepared for some major insight.”

Christy Fechser

President, Onifax

“I am a Career Coach with a focus on helping people to repackage themselves to compete in the modern job market and to position themselves for the best career options. When I encounter clients who need support in being able to find the energy and focus that they need to find their “Power Zones” and to be their best in this process, I know that they need René. Her book has greatly helped some of the clients to get back on track as have her presentations.”

Marilyn McSweeney

Principle, McSweeney-Miller , LLC

A year ago an associate of mine who recommended her book – “Leaving Your Comfort Zone”. Even thought it appeared it was written to women I jumped in and was not disappointed. The book was life changing – it clearly showed me how I could leave my comfort zone and encounter my personal power zone. After meeting Rene’ and hearing her speak I was struck by her energy and wisdom. What she had to share was equally as applicable for men as for women – it was universal. Her personal experiences overcoming the challenges of life gives her a unique insight into what we all face to some degree or another. I heartily recommend Rene as an author, a speaker and a coach. I count myself fortunate to also call her friend.

Bill Littler

Consultant at Architextures

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